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Why Choose Mr. A Plus?

At Mr. A+ Tutoring Academy, we personally guarantee that all of our students will not only gain a greater competency in their mathematical and academic abilities, but also grow to love learning. Our students will learn skills that not only apply to the classroom, but much further beyond.


Math will not be something they merely perform, but rather something they live. Problems will no longer be answered by just explaining how, but also why. Mr. Hu and Mr. Dinh have travelled all over the world and spent years mastering their craft in mathematics and teaching.

Mr. A Plus is Arizona-based, with students across the Southwest, California, Boston, New York, and international students from China and Singapore.


Besides numbers and figures, perhaps the only thing they feel equally as passionate about is making learning fun, understandable, and effective for everyone.


Children are our future, and the future is knowledge.  

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“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

–Albert Einstein

What Our Customers Have to Say...

"I have been tutored here for over three years. My grades and understanding of the material improved from the tutoring. Highly recommend to anyone, any age!"

Marlee F.

"Great rates and great teachers! Really makes sure that you know what you're doing and go step by step!"


Wendy C.

"Truly A+!
These teachers are focused and result-driven.
You will achieve an A+!"


Tim P.

"Definitely the best for all your education needs. Very cool and fun teachers. Never knew learning can be this enjoyable!"

Suzanne Levis

Prep For College Success!

Mr. A Plus generates proven results, with students receiving acceptance into renowned college universities like Berkley, Cornell, and more!

No matter what level your child, we devote ourselves to boosting both grades and confidence, and helping our students walk away with that A+ !

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