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Lets Work Together

Sessions take place twice per week and are 1-hour online via Zoom. Our certified teachers will be tutoring one on one(1-1) per classroom.

Our Services:

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| Geometry | Algebra 2 & Precalculus | SAT/ACT | AP Calculus |
Grade 8 Pre-Algebra+Algebra 1 | Elementary/Middle School Math (Grade 4-7)
| Biology + Chemistry | Physics/AP Physics | English |

Choose your pricing plan

  • Premium (1-on-1)

    Every month
    22 sessions total, three payments of $499
    Valid for 3 months
    • All payments tax included
    • One-on-one tutoring promised
    • (3) payments of $499 - charged monthly

Contact Us For Scheduling:          (520)-333-0867

Rescheduling Policy:                     Forty-eight (48) hour notice must be given if you                                                                                    cannot attend your scheduled lesson.
This can be done in your Teachworks account by                                                                                                      requesting a New Lesson indicating the comments which 
                                                                                        lesson you are rescheduling for.

                                                                               If you do not provide forty-eight (48) hour notice,
                                                                               your lesson will be cancelled and you will still be
                                                                               charged for that lesson.
Cancelled lessons cannot be made up at a later date, so                                                                                            please be sure to reschedule your lesson in advance.

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